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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach View Post
    Thats why they say "you know what they say about assumptions".
    Yes, but your original statement *also* includes an assumption: the assumption that the child isn't getting fruit or enough fruit as part of the equation. It's the same as assuming that the child does.

    The difference is -- assuming that the parent is thoughtful and has considered the many possibilities and narrowed it down enough to ask for specific information/advice is much less patronizing.

    To be honest, when my child was about the OP's child age, he was transitioning between primary/supplementary nutrition from breastmilk. He'd been eating foods as meals for about 2-3 months -- but still breast milk was the primary food.

    And his primary foods during that time -- while exceedingly diverse compared to other children his age -- was fruit. In fact, I am around a lot of families and one of the major foods fed to children this age are fruit, largely of the mushy variety.

    On top of this, we are talking about the OP -- Tribal Rob. This is an OP who has long shown himself to be intelligent in terms of primal things, and I've also seen the thought that his partner (and he) have put into their parenting across a couple of threads. I find it difficult to think that these parents would be strict with a child's carbohydrates -- particularly since our culture here on the boards in terms of primal and parenting is to unrestrict macronutrients and let the child eat freely of natural foods. The only constraints may be grains/beans, and for many of us not even that, and the only "strict" parents are those who are following healing protocols for their kids (diabetes, arthritis, autism/aspergers, gut issues, sensitivities, and allergies).

    Since most parents of children this age unrestrict fruit (or other foods for that matter), and on top of this we have the primal parenting culture where these things are unrestricted, and then, again, we have the OP himself -- Tribal Rob -- I would say that it's quite reasonable to assume that the child is receiving "enough" fruit.

    If his daughter is at all like my son -- then she's having plenty of fruit. He ate a lot of fruit -- nearly as much as I did at the time, and I often had 3-6 servings a day. Today, he'll probably finish topping off at 8 (at age 4), and that's in addition to veg and rice balls (other carbs). And then, of course, he has meat, eggs, fat, etc.

    So if Rob is asking about how to get more *fat* into his kid, I think it's probably because he thinks she isn't getting enough in her foods, even with breast milk and the veg with butter/etc.

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    Prune juice

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    Morning everyone and bloody hell

    The first thing we did when this started was to start giving her water - she now has water with every meal and often nicks her big sisters apple juice - may start giving her more apple juice as that seem to be a recurrant theam.

    In terms of carbs we don't restrict the kids carbs, but we don't set out to give them specific carbs either. Carbs come from fruit, mainly apples, bananas, satsumas, we usally have something fancy once a week too like a pineapple or mango, might start buying peaches in tins if I can find 'em cheap in fruit jucie as she should be able to gum them up pretty good.

    THey also come from veggies - we (not so much me, I'm happier lower carb than the Mrs as she is feeding and that lactose has to come from somewhere and) eat loads of root veg, squash, and sweet potatoes.

    I honestly don't see how carbs are linked to crapping - essentially carbs becomce sugar that becomes eneryg or fat, the fiber that is left adds bulk to the stool, not something we want to add more to, last one was bloody huge.

    As I understand it fat is linked to softening of the stool, which is why I was looking to increase fat. No-one will be getting wheat of grains though

    Here is some typical food she'll have a go at.

    Last night it was pizza omlet - essentially a veg omlet (peppers, onions and spinach, once set I put tomato paste cheese and oregano on top and melt the cheese) me and the girls also had some bacon with it Pudding was some 'paleo fudge' the mrs had made which was coconut milk, coconut oil, soaked and blended cashews and dates, had that with a big lump of douple thick cream (this is not typical but was nummy - pudding is usally fruit and a tiny bit of dark chocolate.

    This morning she has had Nutty porridge - brazil nuts, cashews, ground almonds, a banana, peanut butter and milk all blended up. I stired a bit of coconut oil in to the babies too - she also had some apple to gum.

    Tonight's tea is already in the slow cooker - I've made our version of cottage pie - ground beef (about 2lbs) leeks, onions, mushrooms, carrots, parsnips, green pepper, spinach and chicken stock (bone broth) I'll do some sweet potaoe mash to go with it, with cream and butter. We are off to Ikea today (don't ask me why but the kids love it ) so they'll have meat-balls no doubt and some chips - lwe aren't strict when we are out and think it's better to let these things go occasionally than me mental about it and give them food issues. I think you job as a parent is not to make your kids eat a certain way, but to make sure they understand why they should eat a certain way so when they make their own food choices they are good (so they don't live on pizza at university)

    I am do going to look up that broccoli and cheese soup though - that sound NOM
    You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................

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    Not to sound too unPrimal here Rob but we've always had 4 options that we go too depending on the severity...

    1. Brown Sugar in her bottle once a day for a few days. One teaspoon. From what we've been told the sugar causes the bowel to take in more water. I have no idea if that is true but it seems to work.
    2. Prune Juice, usually mixed in with the bottles.
    3. Coloxyl drops in the bottles
    4. Gel suppositries. Lucky the wife is a nurse, so she gets the honours

    Now we give both our kids (22months and 7 months) priobiotics in their morning bottle and we haven't had any issues since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    But its wrong advice thats what it is.
    And yes he is out to tell everyone the dangers of low carb, he is even said so. That is annoying to a forum full of people predominately low or lowish carb.
    Except it's not wrong - bananas/fruits don't inherently bind people up - my experience is exactly the opposite, that fruits tend to soften things, while eating a ton of non-starchy veggies, including broccoli, can bind things up a bit.

    Less broccoli and more(something else - fruits? Fat?) would probably be a good start. Particularly for young kids, non-starchy veggies can be kind of tough to digest, and while they're great to feed your kid, you might want to feed them in more moderate quantities.
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    Magnesium citrate in the sparkly liquid form helps my toddler if she gets painfully backed up (3-4 times per year) My pediatriction recommended it and gave me dosages, I am not sure what it would take for a 15 mo. old. I give my daughter 1/2 of what was prescribed and it has a more gentle, next day sort of effect.

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    Tribalrob, what about adding in some probiotics foods? We make our own sour cream with kefir grains, that would add fat and help with gut flora.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    But its wrong advice thats what it is.
    And yes he is out to tell everyone the dangers of low carb, he is even said so. That is annoying to a forum full of people predominately low or lowish carb.
    paleo/primal isn't a low carb diet. so in the name of common sense here, if this forum is predominantly full of peop0le who are low carb, then it is predominantly full of idiots (probably true). a growing and developing child's food intake should not be limited to low carb choices, etc. the child should be eating plenty of fruit, potatoes, even rice, unless you are detecting some sort of sensitivities to these things. zach wasn't suggesting feeding the child bread and pasta 24/7. its threads like this one that lead to some idiot parent down the road experimenting with ketosis on their 2 year old. people here need to get it together. mark's arbitrary carb curb is designed to be helpful for people who are in need of losing weight. my guess is that the 15 month old isn't morbidly obese.

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    Pears always seem to help DS clear things up, or apples. Not applesauce unless you are making your own and not heating it. You can peel either one to cut down on the fiber with them. You might be surprised what babies can gum without any teeth as well. Many countries feed babies meat as a first food around 9 months.

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