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Thread: Squatting really heavy?

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    Kelly Starrett did a video with patella pain with Matt Chann fairly recently. I've used his pt bands and been happy with how they work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toshison View Post
    I went from working my legs once a week, annihilating them with lots of sets of lots of moves so I was essentially sore for an entire week to training them 3 times a week doing only squats. I then found a healthy medium of squating twice a week and adding 1 or 2 additional leg exercies after squats. So far so good. For the record, I squat similar weight territory to you although I do more reps sub 300 and top out with a bit more weight. I also have a knee issue (partial lateral meniscus tear) so I can relate to your concerns. For me, squats multiple times a week has led to the greatest progress in my squat. Since taking this approach my squat has improved dramatically where I sort of flatlined only doing squats once a week.

    I found the best help at preventing pain is to really spend more time warming up before hitting your heavy squat sets. I probably spend at least 20 minutes warming up beforehand doing a variety of things from jumping jacks to weightless deadlifts and bodyweight squats. I do mobility moves/dynamic stretches for my hips and I make sure I have a good sweat before hitting the rack. I then do a warmup set at 135lb and 225lb before jumping into my typically 3 heavy sets. I also make sure to do static stretches afterwards when cooling down.

    Supplements-wise for joints- I do take a few glucosamine/Chondritin/MSM caps every day. Does it help? Its always hard to say because proving it can be tough but when I am taking this stuff, I pretty much never have any issues with my knees (or at least I dont feel them) and when I don't take them, I do experience more occurences of the odd pain here and there so for me, I believe they do help.
    I agree the warming up is really important - I have done damage before with squats. Try getting a video of your form.

    I haven't used supplements but a colleague of mine was going through some issues when we were doing physical tests for work (firefighting, so they are not for the faint hearted) and he said Glucosamine made all the difference to his knee pain.

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