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Thread: Primal Challenge Journal: daily.victory

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    Primal Challenge Journal: daily.victory

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    Hello, world!

    This is my second attempt at the 30 day challenge.

    My last attempt ended a few days short due to unmanageable physical fatigue. I was totally mentally alert, which was awesome, but I could barely climb a flight of stairs anymore, and I definitely couldn't get in a decent workout, which made me incredibly moody, which led to excessive amounts of chocolate consumption and quitting a few days early.

    I've since been informed that I may not have been getting enough salt... so I'm going to try again with more salt. Anyone with more ideas about how to prevent physical fatigue, PLEASE let me know.

    I've been struggling with food issues for the last couple years due to dealing with constant high levels of stress. I started in good physical condition at about 120 pounds and have been up as high as the low 130s. I'm currently hovering around 125. I would like to build some muscle and fix my food issues... which are exacerbated by CARBS, especially bread and "energy bars." Grain is my enemy. The last try at this, I noticed a huge drop in carb cravings - didn't really crave them at all after a few days. And no hypoglycemic-like spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. For the win.

    Anyway... I really need to focus on getting my eating in line for the next few weeks at least. Stress eating nearly every day = very bad. So... I'm committing to posting nightly about whether I stayed primal and stayed within my calorie limits for the day. I'm shooting for between 1600 and 2000, average 1800, which is about my daily calorie burn. Once I get this in line, I'll worry more about increasing exercise and maybe decreasing calories some more.

    I should probably not call today day one - more like PB-minus-1! I started the day with a croissant and I had some beans and some dark chocolate - ended up at about 160 grams of carbs. But I have made a new resolution to try PB again, and I'm writing this entry and I stayed below 2000 calories, so my verdict is: overall, a daily victory.

    See you tomorrow!

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    Day One

    Day One overview:

    Total Calories according to Fitday: 1595
    Total Fat: 95.7 g
    Total Carbs: 81.6 g
    Total Protein: 110.6 g

    Primal-ness: Fairly primal. Lunch included some beans leftover from last night. Sensible indulgence, I tell you!

    Mood: mostly good.

    Mental state: REALLY groggy mid-morning, felt a bit sick. I think I ate more eggs than my body was prepared for at breakfast (apparently a three egg omelette is ok - but not a four egg one?). Oh well... live and learn. Cleared up by noon. Mild headache even though drinking lots of liquids (coffee in the AM, then herbal tea and water)... weird.

    Physical state: Quite fatigued mid-morning also: again with the difficulty climbing stairs. Also cleared up in the afternoon - I think it was the carbs at lunch. Maybe I need to take this slowly - stay at around 100 grams of carbs per day for the first week and then try to drop lower?

    Overall, a somewhat mediocre day one - but I stuck with the plan, which is good!

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    So mate, are you going to fess up as to what you're ACTUALLY consuming in a day or is 'fairly primal' as good as it gets? :P

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    OK, OK. Thanks. :P Day two was NOT good, so "fessing up" is going to suuuck... Embarrassed.

    B: 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, a large tomato and 2 tbsp of cream in my coffee.
    Snack: 1/4 cup almonds
    L: Leftover chicken curry, home made - I'm not going to break down every tiny measurement here, sorry, but butter, onion, tomatoes, chicken and cauliflower is what goes into it. And spices.
    Snack: Carrot sticks: 4 large carrots, chopped into sticks.

    "Dinner" was bad. I just had a test and, believe me, I really wanted a drink. But because my SO was out with his friends, I went out with them and I had two glasses of wine instead of one, and a bunch of fried crap - zucchini, calamari (the stick kind, not the tentacles, which is probably slightly better since less surface area for breadcrumbs, like that matters much), and one mozzarella stick (those were in high demand, so I didn't have the opportunity to snag more than one. Ha!). And ranch (oh yes, the ranch). My best figure for all of that is that that "meal" probably cost me a good 1000 calories ...minimum... and somewhere between 20 and 40 grams of carbs. Sigh. NOT a good day in terms of primal-ness.

    Extremely guess-timated totals:
    2186 calories (yikes)
    133.5 grams of fat
    122.4 carbs (yikes again!)
    92.9 grams of protein

    Better today, I hope. Lesson learned: I am NOT ready to go out to eat! I realize that should have been a "duh" but it was not!

    As for fatigue and mental fog: had some physical fatigue in the morning but it wore off by the afternoon. No mental fog, though, yay.

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    lol... sounds pretty good really, and you could have done worse at the dinner. (I'm not too bothered about ingredient listing myself either, so long as you get a picture of the meat and veg consumed and any significan nonprimal elements, I think, that way pple can offer feedback if you're having issues)

    I've heard repeatedly that any nonprimal stuff - carbs/grains - during the first few weeks just makes the 'low carb flu' last longer.

    Your breakfast sounds good. I've been having egg, spinach and mushrooms and that seems to be a nice balance for me personally.

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    Helen, thanks for the feedback, and for keeping me honest...

    I've definitely read that having grain during the first few weeks makes it worse too. After the first half a glass of wine, though, I lost the will to avoid the stuff. It was the breadcrumb kind of breading, not the really thick stuff... At the time I told myself that made it better! Ha!

    Anyway, I was extra determined to be primal today.

    B: Two eggs, two slices bacon, half an onion (all fried up with the eggs and bacon), two tbsp half and half in my coffee.

    No real lunch, just snacks:

    Snack: ľ c almonds

    Later snack: 1 1/3 cup of milk

    Later: Tea with 2 tbsp half and half

    And I was eating carrots all day... think I ate about ten. Heh heh...

    D: Pork chop wrapped with a strip of bacon, half a cup of swiss chard (cooked measure) cooked with some bacon grease... Good thing you can never have too much bacon grease

    1395 calories
    78.4 g fat
    97.9 g carbs
    81.5 g protein

    Take THAT, Day Two!

    Didnít have to climb any stairs today so canít report on physical fatigue. No mental fog though.

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    Day Four:

    B: Ĺ cup almonds, half and half in my coffee

    L: can of salmon, some kalamata olives, a slice of cheese, a teeny avocado and a cup of broth

    Snack: two stalks rhubarb chopped up, warmed and sprinked with splendaÖ yum!

    D: Niman Ranch chorizo fried up with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and sweet potato.

    Calories: 1415
    Fat: 97.4
    Carbs: 75.3
    Protein: 71.9

    Felt some physical fatigue in the morningÖ Didnít notice if it was gone later so I assume it was. Makes sense given that I only had, letís see, about 15 grams of carbs before 12:30 pm.

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