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Thread: Making organ burgers

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    Burgers... Now that's an idea.

    I usually just make nachos out of mine. <3

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    In the dogfood section of US Wellness meats they sell burger with heart and liver mixed in. Delicious, cheap, and you don't have to clean the food processor.

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    Heart is really just another muscle, so I don't think that it counts as a 'organ' in quite the same way as the others nutritionally.

    That said, heart and kidney cube up well into a 'steak and kidney' pie.

    To answer your questions, I would use about 10% organ meat with 90% mince if you are trying to 'hide' the organs from a dubious family. And you can absolutely use the blender to dice them up small, you just will have to do it in batches.
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    I wonder if it would help to put it in the blender or food processor frozen, or partially frozen? Maybe that would keep it from liquifying? I've been wanting to try this too because, try as I might, I can't like liver. I have half a bucket of chicken livers sitting in my freezer. Maybe I'll try the burger thing this weekend. I'll let you know if processing it frozen helps.

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