Hello! My name is Ann. I'm 49 years old and the mother of 6. I was skinny as a kid and through college, but started gaining weight after I got married. (My husband and I said it was because we were so happy--fat and happy!!!) I've been in a regular pattern of gaining weight while pregnant and then losing it with mixed success in between pregnancies. The fall of 2011 my son had some major medical issues that pushed my stress and stress eating over the top. (He's doing great now, thank goodness!) I gained 20 pounds in about 3 months. I was thoroughly disgusted with myself, but couldn't find the energy or will power to make a change.

In August and September of 2012 my eating was really out of control. I had begun a regular habit of sneaking off whenever I got an evening to myself and eating whatever I wanted whether I was hungry or not. It was something I had never really done before and was concerning. My youngest child is only 3 years old (born when I was 45) and running through my mind was the thought that I need to be as healthy as I can so I can live as long as possible for her, but I had kind of given up on myself. Then a friend at church invited me to join a weight loss group and I jumped at the chance. Our group used the book Made to Crave to address the heart issues of overeating (rather than providing an eating plan). There are many, many kernels of wisdom in that book! It took several weeks for me to decide I even wanted to lose weight. I decided I wanted to try eating low carb and while searching the internet to figure out what "low carb" meant, I came across Mark's Daily Apple. It all made so much sense to me that I read and read and read and learned everything I could and then jumped in!

I started eating Primally on October 14, 2012. I went cold turkey cutting out all sugar, grains and processed food overnight. I recorded everything I ate on the livestrong.com My Plate site. In the past I had been resistant to recording what I ate because it seemed too cumbersome, but it was really simple and a very good way to learn the carb counts of the food I was eating. I didn't get on the scale for the first 2 1/2 weeks and when I finally did I was pleased to see I had lost 13 pounds! I'm now down 30 pounds. The best part is that the weight I lost came from the ugly fat that was hanging around my middle. I'd like to lose 30 more and am looking forward to the warmer weather and all the clothes I'll be able to wear.

In order to prove to myself that eating Primally really did make a difference I chose to NOT change my activity level at all and only change my eating. After 4 months I think I've proven that eating this way really DOES make a difference and I'm ready to start adding some formal exercise. I printed out the Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book and am ready to start incorporating the basic exercises into my day. I'm hoping to rediscover my long lost muscles of old!