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Thread: Not losing weight :(

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    Not losing weight :(

    I went 100% primal on January 1 2013 at an initial weight of 186 lbs. I estimate my ideal weight to be around 170 so I'm trying to get there. The first 3 weeks worked well, I lost about 1 lb per week and now I'm at 183. For the last 2 weeks I have been unable to lose any more weight, its holding steady at 183.

    I basically eat the same thing every day so here goes:


    2 eggs fried in olive oil + 1/2 avocado


    1 chicken breast, and a mix of cooked veggies (pepper,broccoli,carrots,zuchini,mushrooms)


    Same as lunch

    After dinner:

    I usually have about 2 handfuls of nuts (almonds or macadamia) since I'm still a little hungry after dinner

    Once a week (on friday):

    1 bar of dark 70% organic chocolate estimates the following for my daily diet:

    Calories: 1697
    Fat: 106.3g (55%)
    Carbs: 44.9g (35%)
    Protein: 149g (10%)

    I estimate my daily break-even calories to be 2100, so I'm running a daily deficit of around 400 calories.

    But I'm still not losing weight, please help!! I should also mention that I don't feel many cravings any more during the day. And I do 1 intense workout a week (rock climbing).
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