Hello everyone, first time posting here. I'm interested in ditching veganism and eliminating grains, seeds, and pseudocereals from my diet, while mostly consuming meat, poultry, and fish (anything and everything from an animal ) for my protein/fat source, but i'm completely lost when it comes to how to cook meat. I cant just steam them (unless it's fish) or saute (unless it's ground meat) like I do vegetables. My question is how can I cook most cuts of meat without the risk of any toxins (HAC's and AGE's)? Should I aim for rare when it comes to doneness? Would this mean no broiling, grilling, and frying? What temperatures from heat sources should I lean toward? I know that cooking with garlic, onions, and herbs will reduce this, but am I missing something? Any and all suggestions would be very appreciated on tips for preparing & cooking.

One of the main factors for wanting to switch is because I mostly eat roughly 5 servings a day of the foods listed above and they are my only sustained protein source (aside from beans and nuts (which I will still continue to chow down on after). I feel that eating more grains to gain weight is silly, especially since they're also part carbs.

I'll admit that going vegan for a few years was a good way to shun processed food instantly and taste or learn how to cook & eat virtually every type of produce available to me, but it's time for me to stop eating tasteless grains as my entree and introduce some real, complete, protein. I haven't gotten sick once while being vegan, which i'm convinced is entirely because of eating whole, unprocessed foods. Moreover, adding meat can only offer more health benefits from my perspective due to it covering some micronutrients (and even macro!) I could've easily been missing out on.