My name is Kelly,

Tired of being overweight and needing to drop about 45 lbs. I decided to go Primal. Let me start by saying that I do feel better and I have very little to no cravings for sweets and that is BIG for me. I have been able to stay away from the hidden chocolate and the sweets my husband is eating in front of me. I'm amazed it hasn't bothered me at all. I am needed some input on what to expect, what is normal. I've been reading the feedback of others and haven't found anything to help me.

In my first 5 days in I lost 3.8 lbs. Day 6: up .4 and Day 7: up .1
I thought maybe I was eating too much bacon and it was sodium causing the increase. Yesterday I cut down on the bacon and increased my veggies, changed bacon for chicken and cut down on the amount of cheese I was eating. Am I on the right track?
I also read about people feeling they don't have the need to eat. I still am wanting to eat 3 meals, but the time in between and increased. Am I not getting enough protein?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and comments.