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Thread: Autoimmune Recipes (book?)

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    Autoimmune Recipes (book?)

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    I'm looking for more recipes for the autoimmune protocol I'm currently on in addition to being Paleo.

    I have Practical Paleo which has been great but I'm in need of change and new recipes.

    I've checked out a few blogs (thepaleomom has a dedicate AIP page) but even after that there isn't a great deal out there. I know that there are a few books in the works but they won't be released for a few months.

    Any ideas of resources for the AIP? I definitely prefer books but searching amazon (UK) didn't bring more than a couple.


    EDIT: I'm also eliminating FODMAPS other than cabbage in Sauerkraut which makes it even harder.

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    My Autoimmune Protocol Experiment | theclothesmakethegirl

    If you scroll down the post, you get a link to all the AIP meals she made that month. Not a book - but hopefully useful!

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