Good Morning All!
I've been lurking here since last May and have been primal about 5 months. I started a journal yesterday, and thought I'd try getting involved in the primal community. I spend a lot of time reading MDA and all the other great blogs and listening to the many podcasts. Though I practically live in Houston, I often feel like I'm the only one around here that follows a primal lifestyle. I know there are many in other parts of town, they just don't seem to be near here (unless I want to join Crossfit). I thought I'd try communicating with others to see if it helps with some of the primal obsessions I have going on in my mind. Maybe if I can release some of my thoughts, I can relax more and just live it. Anyone one else find they obsess over getting as much info as they can on primal, paleo, or fitness? I think it has added to my stress.