Hi all - this is my first (or second??) time posting, and I am looking for some ideas. I am a nursing mom of a 9 week old, and my appetite is relatively voracious. I come from a lifelong snacking/grazing habit, which I am trying to break. I have milk-supply issues, and I find that I need to eat at least 2200 calories a day, to keep my supply adequate, while still losing my baby weight (I find that I lose, eating as much as 2500 calories, which is amazing!). I am NOT looking for ways to increase my supply - I have tried it all and I'm well aware of how to keep up my supply, but I suffer from low supply, due to a breast reduction, about 15 years ago, which left me with damaged ducts (sorry if that's way too much info).

Anyway, I am looking for ways to eat bigger meals, so I can stop my ridiculous snacking habits. I'm fine with small snacks, but I've been noticing that maybe my meals are too small, and then I'm grazing ALL day. I am worried about overeating, though, so I'm wondering what is a "normal-sized" breakfast and/or lunch, for someone one 2000-2500 calories, per day. Right now, I'm eating 2 eggs with a sliver (maybe 1.5 tsp) butter, and a bunch of steamed broccoli. Is this too much? Not enough? Normal? I am so worried about overeating, because that tends to be an issue for me. My goal is health, plus a 10 pound weight loss. Thoughts on meal sizes?? I worry that if I just intuitively stop when I am "full," i'll never stop! I feel like my satisfaction meter may be a tad... broken??

Not sure if this is at all clear, but I'm wondering if anyone might be able to give me some feedback on this! Thanks!