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Thread: I need to move and move now.... but how?

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    I need to move and move now.... but how?

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    Hey everyone,

    I got the diet down, that's not the hard part. The problem is i'm sitting down on my ass doing nothing all day everyday. You see, I live and work in Afghanistan; I'm an English teacher. I live in a guesthouse where I'm not allowed to leave on foot. My inability to move slowly or walk is really cramping my style. I also don't have access to a proper gym to lift heavy things. So what can I do, if anything, to supplement moving slowly and LHT?

    My house does have two levels of stairs to walk up and down on.... but I can only do that for so long. Any thoughts on what I can do to solve this predicament?

    Many thanks!!!

    - Jesse

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    When you say your not allowed to leave... do you mean at all? or unescorted? if your allowed out to play with an escort, maybe you could find someone that would go with you?..
    what about a treadmill? or step machine? can you get anything like that?
    Make your own heavy things... milk bottles or something similar filled with sand.. furniture... stray children....
    Turn your house into a obstical course.. run up the stairs, over the bed, back under the bed (if there's room obviously) down the hallway, vault the loo, squats in the shower, back down the stairs, around the couch, under the table etc etc...
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    If you have an extra duffle bag you could start a sand bag routine. Doing Tabata intervals with the stairs or exercises like burpees maybe?

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    Pushups and squats would be alot better than nothing. You could also try to find/order a pull up bar.

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    Can you get your hands on a jump rope?? It can really get your heart rate up and you don't need a lot of space to use it.
    Also - bodyweight exercises seem to be the best answer for you at this point considering your limitations. Start working on push-ups, then utilize the stairs to advance to elevated push-ups and eventually handstand push-ups. Body weight squats - focusing on form, then get some gallon water jugs and use those as extra weight once you get efficient with the body weight squats.
    Use the first step of the stairs and do one legged step-ups. Add weight with the water jugs (or a backpack filled with heavy books).

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    sandbag training or a good bodyweight program is great for the LHT. the moving slowly is a little harder. i'm assuming you don't live alone, and don't have a stationary bike or anything, so you run the risk of being disruptive and/or stared at by housemates...if not, dance, jump around, grok crawl, etc. you can always do something like yoga, or an exercise video for moving slowly, as long as that video isn't getting your heart rate up too high for too long. a light calisthenics workout can also be good for moving slowly; look for a bodyweight WOD site.

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    Endless variations of push-ups, squats and pull ups to keep you plenty busy.
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    1. Don't worry about the moving slowly *too* much. Stand as much as you can, especially when teaching, and focus on the lifting and sprinting.
    2. I'm guessing the restrictions are for your safety more than anything, so it's probably a good idea to comply.
    3. Sandbags are great. Water isn't bad. Metal parts or concrete blocks/chunks are pretty good too. There's an amazing amount that can be done with bodyweight, as well.
    4. Find some other way to "sprint" in an all-out effort that doesn't require strength. Best options include hitting your big leg muscles, which is why burpees are the go-to choice.

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    great,same to it.a light calisthenics workout can also be good for moving slowly; look for a bodyweight WOD site. thanks

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    Try Canada instead. You can walk around wherever you like, especially with snow shoes on.

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