Good afternoon one and all,

I've been eating Paleo for a few months now, but have been a bit slack in adopting the Primal Fitness way of exercising...however, that changed (as of two weeks ago).

I'd like some advice regarding different types of workouts if I could.

My plan is the following:-

Low Intensity Cardio: I walk 50-60 minutes three times a week.
Sprints/High Intensity: Once per week. Currently doing Tabata (20sec on, 10 sec off) workout for four minutes
Lifting Heavy Things: Once a week - I only want to do Body Weight type exercises.

Other exercise: I ride to work once per week (50minutes) and I surf two to three times per week

I'm wondering if anybody could steer me in the direction of where I might find a list of workouts, or perhaps outline some different workouts for:-

1) Sprinting / high intensity and
2) Body Weight Lifting Heavy things workouts.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards