Okay, I swear I read on here that too much omega 6 to 3 raised LDL cholesterol. Now, I'm trying to find that info to send to my dad, to whom I told that his massive nut consumption might be to blame, and can't find anything of the sort!

So, what do you know and where did you read it?

His HDL and triglycerides are great, LDL is high. Eats the same as his wife except for tons of nuts and his LDL is higher. He eats pretty primal except that 99% of meals are in restaurants, so it is hard to control animal product quality and cooking fat etc., but he always chooses eggs, meats, veggies and snacks are fruit and nuts. He guessed that about 20-25% of calories might be coming from the nuts!

Thanks for any help, I'd love any links to studies that you might know of.