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    first few days to a week will more than always be water weight being lost first, from holding on to it all with bloat and a little inflammation. as you heal up you will start losing again, persistence. give it 6 weeks. that's a little more than only one month of an entire year. how will you feel after that 6 weeks? what will your measurements be? this should give you a better indicator.

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    200 oz of water? Are you actually thirsty or just drinking it because you feel you should? 200 oz is excessive unless you're running a marathon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moey4164 View Post
    Well thanks for informing me. I obviously don't have any patience and the more I read about Paleo, I just assume that the weight will fall off. I was weighing every 3 days because I was so excited to see the number drop but decided to go weekly, because I figured if I was going offtrack, I could adjust. I suppose I should shut up, enjoy the ride and check in with the scale occasionally. Thanks for the perspective!
    You sound like you are already thin and are expecting this to be a crash diet. The weight will only "fall off" if you are a) already fairly fat and/or b) if you make it a lifestyle, eat to satisfaction and then realize on looking back that you never suffered or went hungry as your body composition changed.
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    I have given up diet coke (usually 6 a day) and then vodka in the evening with soda water but I gave it all up and drink water all day and night. Apparently it is alot? I just keep reaching for water instead of something else. Didn't really thnk it was excessive

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