I was introduced to Paleo just under two months ago when my low-carb nut father put a Paleo cookbook on his Amazon Wishlist around Christmas time. It was affordable so I ordered it, wrapped it, and slapped it under the tree when I got to their house.
A few days later I decided to tumb through to get an idea of what my gift actually was. It didn't seem too outrageous. I was no stranger to low carb, having lost 100 lbs on a low fat Atkins diet as a teenager. However, I've gone off it over the years and with the stress or college, job hunting in a lousy economy, and graduate school... the weight has crept back on.

A few days ago they were having a sale on diet books at my local big name bookstore, so I bought Primal Blueprint and Primal Body Primal Mind, and devoured both.
I took the first step last night by tossing out the remains of my bag of bread (I'll get rid of the other stuff later), and cooking a dinner of stew meat with taco seasonings and veggies. The dinner didn't turn out so well. The fat on the meat was chewy and not very nice, so I had trouble swallowing it. Then had heartburn later that night.

This morning I was woken up by my "alarm clock" (aka: pet cat) an hour before I set my actual alarm clock to go off. As I went out the door I was tired and grouchy, and decided to hit up Starbucks for breakfast. After getting my fix of caffine and sugar, I went to work feeling sane....but disgusted and remorseful. At lunch I decided to give it another shot. I got a sandwhich at the cafe, but just ate the meat and veggies out of it. So far so good on dinner. Plus, I got some half-and-half on the way home and made a smoothie out of fruit with it to get myself used to consuming more fat. Since I'm a girl who is used to drinking skim milk, I think I'll have to work my way up to things like butter and cream.

I'm looking foward to getting the hang of Primal and getting to know you all!