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Thread: Lower belly - is it just fat or something more?

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    weight training and planks.
    there will always be a little soft area, because your uterus is under there....
    but strengthen the muscles should help.

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    It looks like diastasis to me...if it was bloat it doesn't seem like you would be able to suck it in. Do you have kids? If so, it's really common after pregnancy but it's also one of those things that can just happen if you have bad posture/weak core, etc. Regular ab workouts will make it worse if that's what it is but if you google it you can find how to tell if it is in fact, diastasis and what exercises to do to help correct it.

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    Hmm I just compared my belly and it doesn't seem to protrude as much as yours although I'm definitely fatter (and yes I carry a lot of fat around my middle). (And for reference I am the same weight but 6" shorter).

    Honestly it looks more like bloat or perhaps weak stomach muscles than pure fat. Yes, there is some fat there but I don't think enough to make it as protrusive as it is.

    I am wondering if more core strength would help hold it in a bit more?? I definitely agree that weight training is the way to go rather than more cardio!

    And honestly I have a huge roll of lower belly fat happening and yet I don't get that protrusiveness at all, and I'm wondering if that's just due to my muscles holding everything in more! (Hard to explain as my belly isn't flat... It's just a different profile... If the fat on me was all gone my abs would be flat without sucking them in and yours doesn't look as if that would be the case).

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    Just chiming in...

    If it IS fat... high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) leads to buildup of more body fat in certain areas, especially belly area. Chronic cardio such as tons of running would definitely lead to tons of stress signals being released.

    Ways to help reduce cortisol and thus belly fat: cut cardio and increase strength training like many have already suggested, take at least 1000mg vitamin C, and take tons of high quality fish oil (at least 6 a day). Apparently Lecithin granules also help with belly fat but I personally didn't see much of a difference.

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    I know Chronic Cardio is a big thing here, but I just started adding in elliptical a couple weeks ago. Started the running program, which is more like sprinting since it's run/walk/run, 2 months ago. My schedule is basically the C25K running program, 30 mins, 3 days a week. Elliptical (which I enjoy) for 30 mins 2 days a week. 2 day of rest.

    My belly has been like that for years. Before that, I mostly stuck to yoga, walking, and bodyweight exercises and recently decided to kick it up a notch to see if that would help. So far I have noticed my legs are more toned, but the tummy is still there.

    It has been a more stressful year (ended a relationship, cancer in the family and then death, unemployment for a while) but I also started meditating about 6 months ago. I am fairly relaxed now, and have a wonderful new job that I love. On the weekends, when it's nice, I try to find a nice trail or park to go on long meandering walks.

    I was taking a good handful of supplements for a long while (2 years or so) but didn't notice much of a difference except for Mag which is very relaxing and Calcium which helps with cramps. Formerly I was taking Fish Oil, A, K, Cal, Mag, Zinc, D, Bs, and a Multi. Last month I decided to just stop and give my body a break since I hadn't really noticed any real gains. When I went for my yearly exam the doctor wanted to put me on the Pill to "balance" my hormones but I don't really want to go down that route unless I really have to. So, for the next month or so the only supp I am going to take is Female Balance by NOW (b6, folic acid, wild yam, vitex, dong quia, borage oil) to see if that does anything.

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    Not gonna read the whole thread.

    But have their been any Alien jokes yet? Please tell me someone made a reference.

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