Ok, where do I start? I bought Marks 1st book in 2009. Started and stopped Primal/Paleo about 20 times since then..maybe more ??

I started again Jan of 2013. Had 3 awesome weeks , then had a weekend away out of town and got sidetracked! Went back to baddd habits and terrible eating.

I have decided that Primal/Paleo is the way for me. It makes total sense and I truly feel 100% better when I eat the right way. My old way of eating was Huge breakfast, a lot of carbs, protein bars and a lot of processed stuff. I was ( still am? ) a HUGE carb freak and sugar eater. I seriously thought I was really HUNGRY every hour on the hour. Crazy I know! I have always been very active, loved the gym, working out, biking, walking, softball, baseball, ..any sport but at 44 years old , 5 ft 7 and almost 180 lbs ( creeping up every year) I KNEW, somewhere, I am totally missing someting!!

Sooooo Jan of 2013 I re- committed again! After the first week, no kidding, I felt 90% better. I slep thru the night, wasnt home in bed and in front of the TV @ 8 pm and could actually go HOURS with out eating or thinking of food. I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks and felt great. Then I had that bad weekend out of town, totally unprepared!!

One of my biggest issues is preparing food and having something health and ready to eat. I have never had a desire to be a great cook or spend hours in the kitchen. I still dont, but do, just so I can be sure how my food is prepared and I know 100% what is in it.

I'm going to post my food Journal for the last two days, feel free to offer ANY feedback or suggestons...

Bfast- 3 Eggs, 4 slices bacon and 2 slices Ezekiel bread
Lunch- Turkey Burgers and cucumbers,Green & Blacks organic Dark Chocolate (70% )
Dinner- Chicken Breast, organic romaine and a trader Joes garlic/vinegar dressing with parmesean

Bfast- turkey burger, cucumber and avocado, Green & Blacks organic Dark Chocolate (70%)
lunch- Chicken Breast, organic romaine and a trader Joes garlic/vinegar dressing with parmesean, avocado
Dinner, Celery with Almond Butter

Snacks are more dark chocolate, string cheese, apples , protein powder in greek yogurt with almond butter and sugar free gum.