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Thread: Did going primal affect your libido?

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    For me, yes. I think it may have to do with an overall better mood, which might be a result of the hormone regulation that seems to be a pretty typical when people go paleo.

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    I've always been a rather "frisky" girl, but going Primal seems to have given me more energy when "frisky" and greater ability to relax when not.
    Want sex pretty much every day, either in the morning or at night, if not both.

    All other signs of high-testosterone are there too, mind: increase in muscle volume, more body-hair, more regular cycle, more comfortable cycle, less stress and less emotional ups and downs.
    I'd say it's the fat that does it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meeshar View Post
    YogaBare's mention of low carb being bad...I should probably see about that, I'm generally pretty low carb b/c I'm trying (and not really succeeding) to lose weight.
    Same as Kochin, I've also always had a strong libido. But while I was low carb I didn't even think about sex! It was really weird. Added back in starch, fruit and honey and I've got my mo-jo back

    And I was vegetarian pre-primal, which is meant to wreak havoc on your sex drive. Not for me. Meanwhile the low carb didn't wreak havoc - it made it vapourise.
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