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    This is huge, since I don't blog or do social media. I'm a lurker. Been lurking here since last May and have decided it might be helpful to start a journal and get involved. It's a lonely primal world here, and sometimes I long for communication with likeminded people. Because I tend to waste a huge amount of time writing, I will always try to be brief (from now on).

    Went low carb to lose wight in May 2012, cutting all grains and sugar. Primal since October 2012. Lift heavy 3 days/wk mixed with kickboxing. Sprint at least once per week, and hike or bike 1-2 times/wk. Lost 30 pounds last year, but none since. I tend to get obsessive and stressed over making sure I'm doing everything right, but I'm working on overcoming that. I'm fit, but would like to lose a little more fat. My biggest problem is the scale, which I'm trying to avoid. Constantly must remind myself that this is for overall good health, and not for a number on a scale.

    breakfast: leftover grass fed roast w/ chard, shot of heavy cream in coffee
    lunch: same as breakfast (no coffee/cream)
    pm snack: handfull of almonds (must quit this), coconut flakes (another bad habit I must get control of)
    dinner: ground beef, green beans, cauliflower, cabbage, coconut milk
    post dinner: greek yogurt (another bad habit, which I did fine without for 30 days and have only recently added back - not having any noticeable problems w/ dairy)
    I don't know how to deal with these in between meal snacks. They make me happy.

    WOD: 1 lap jog/ 1 lap run/ 1 lap sprint - 10 one leg burpies
    repeat - 8 1 leg burpies, repeat 6 1L B's, repeat 4, repeat 2
    20 round kick, jump round kick, punches - 10 push ups
    10 power cleans, 30 sledge hammers
    20 front kicks/ drop downs/ punches, 10 power cleans, 20 tire flips
    20 jump round kick, crescent kick, back kick, punches, 10 power cleans
    30 sledge hammers, 120 yd 90 lb sled pull x3

    **Maybe some whey protein isolate before workout. I know real food should be enough, but since quitting the whey on Jan 1, 2013, I have struggled for the energy to make it to the gym. The real food doesn't seem to be giving me the energy needed at about 3-4pm. I'm thinking of adding the whey back to see if energy improves. **Update - didn't have the whey. For some reason energy was not a problem this afternoon. Maybe due to overeating almonds and coconut flakes.
    Decided not to have the whey or anything else, because didn't feel the need. Trying to avoid eating when not needed.

    Hopefully in another year, I will come back to this post and realize how far I have come in so many ways that have nothing to do with that stupid scale.

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