Ash Wednesday is coming up in two days. Seems like the perfect time for a swift kick to officially get back on the wagon.
I officially started PB on January 1, 2012, because you can only start new things at the New Year. I was 200lbs. (which isn't horrible on a 5'10", but still . . .) and miserable. Everything hurt. I had gas, heartburn, bloating, moodiness, fat, hunger pains, cravings, acne, swollen ankles, lousy sleep, and the list goes on and on. Like everyone else has discovered, CW was not only NOT working, it was making things worse! I would finish a big dinner and be hungry already while still cleaning up the kitchen. I described it to my hubby as, "My stomach is full (stuffed), but my mouth is still hungry." It's a shame that chewing on ice is so bad for you!
I finally stumbled upon the Drs. Eades' website and took their carb addict quiz. Now I considered myself quite CW healthy, so it was very humbling to fail it miserably. In fact the only question I didn't answer with a resounding YES, was the one about waking up at night to eat. So off to any other website I could find for carb addict information, and I ended up at Primal Blueprint. Reading through Mark's posts, as well as those by others, made me feel like an awful lot of people had been looking over my shoulder for a very long time. My same symptoms were being reported left and right. And much to my delight, people were also posting successes!
From January to November I lost 25lbs. and 99% of my icky symptoms disappeared. Then came the holidays. I didn't mind the backsliding on the scale (10lbs) as much as the amount of stupid CW excuses that were coming out of my mouth. "Cheesecake with a graham cracker crust is better for me than a slice of cake." Yes, I suppose that is true, but rat poison is still rat poison. I'd make PB meatloaf and then drizzle with SAD BBQ sauce because it was just a dribble. I'd eat Skittles instead of Twix because they didn't have any grains. I cut out the noodles, but still ate potatoes or rice. I'll grant you that I was still making the-lesser-of-the-two-evils choices with most of them, but how can I possibly justify that Skittles are better than Twix?
So here I am, almost at Ash Wednesday. Time to get back where I was in October!
I had two PB goals for 2012, cut out grains and IF one day a week. Both I have kept 80/20 or better. I am still fat burning therefore the IF has not become a problem.
My overall Lent goal is 15 pounds and a better frame of mind. In order to achieve that goal, the first step is to start off right with a fast for Ash Wednesday -- supper Tuesday night to breakfast Thursday morning.