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Thread: Musings from the 100 Acre Woods

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    You'd love our household. I have four Cinderellas who live here. To hear them moan over the years, you'd think I was asking them to cut off an arm AND a leg! But, on the other hand, if I suddenly leave the country for two months, my kids could take over with the only arguments being who does what. And they would schedule in more "Do Nothing Days," but they'd survive.

    I'm not envious enough to trade places with you (49 is NOT the age to start out again with a newborn!), but I do miss those early years too. And, to be perfectly honest, I miss my 25 year old body too. The weight has fluctuated over the years, 25ish pounds, but the body does creak and groan with each passing year. I'm hoping that PB will help with that, although there's that nasty little caveat of "Get off the couch and actually do something, Stupid!" At least with a little one, you're on the floor playing or cleaning up crumbs with great regularity.
    I meet with a few friends once a week for yoga, and I walk at least once a week. Nothing stellar, but it's a pretty consistent babystep. I just got back from today's walk. It's 91, with a heat index hovering around 100, at 10:00 in the morning (Welcome to a typical St. Louis' summer!). I walked a mile and 1/2 in 30 minutes through our subdivision, so I actully had a few shady spots along the way. I should have taken the dog, but I felt sorry for him in a fur coat, even though he's an outside mutt.
    Do you have a workout plan or routine?

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    Day 4 of 33

    Weight: 181

    I made it through my first fast since the end of May, 36 hours with just water. I really do feel much better, and my confidence levels are definitely UP. With an eight week break, the lack of routines (Isn't summer wonderful?), vacation, kids in and out of the house, and all the easy mindless way to snack, I thought yesterday would be much harder. I'm sure it helped that I've made every effort to be ready for this over the past few days. Still, I wasn't sure if two days would be enough. I had my usual stomach growls around 10 in the morning, and then again at 4:00 when my daughter was making cupcakes for her birthday today. It did smell heavenly! But other than those two times, I did well. Fortunately dinner was "On your Own" because everyone had some place to be during the evening, so I didn't have the temptation of making dinner with all its yummy smells.

    Before breakfast this morning, I took a leisurely 50 minute walk. I need to ask my daughter how to download iTunes to my phone. I wanted to listen to a Paleohacks podcast, but I had to settle for Pandora. Disney classics from the cartoons of my era are never a bad choice! It was already hot and humid, so I made sure I went at a slow pace, probably around 2 miles.

    Upon walking in the door, my hubby greeted me with two fried eggs (coconut oil, turmeric, and salsa), bacon, and fresh blackberries! I love that man! Now I just need a shower (when it's finally free), and I'll be set for the day.

    I was reading one of the early success stories last night, and this paragraph from Sterling's jumped out at me: "I wanted to scream that pharmacologic intervention and the billions spent on their marketing would be completely and utterly unnecessary if companies (pharma, agra, government) and doctors would spend a fraction of their time, money, and energy preaching the truth about exercise and proper nutrition. Although, at times, I don’t think that they even know (educated ignorance I guess). Sure, they offer diet and exercise as first-line treatment for a lot of medical problems. But only to fill a ‘check-the-box’ requirement for insurance companies before they move on to drug therapy. If people truly knew the healing power of proper exercise and proper nutrition, there would be nothing to stop them."

    I used to be one of the many who are the educated ignorant. I read everything I could get my hands on, and for the most part, followed it. Until it didn't work. I remember dieting perfectly for the first 2-3 weeks and losing a respectable 5 pounds. Then after 1 dinner at a pizza buffet, I woke up to a six pound gain! Now I know I didn't stop at just one piece of pizza, but there is no way I ate 21,000 (3500 x 6) calories in one meal! I'm sure some of it was the "expected water retention from all the salt," but still! Then the brain starts in with all the , "Maybe this is the weight I'm supposed to be," and "I'll just learn to be happy with the body I have." That's a dangerous place! I think I did learn to be happy with where I was, but when the rest of the aches and pains started in, and I realized that the eating was becoming uncontrollable, I knew I had to look somewhere else. I couldn't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Thank goodness we have the internet and can do our own research now, instead of having to completely rely on the medical field!

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    Everyone knows the airline's rule for "When the cabin loses air pressure, put your own oxygen mask on first, then help your child with his." Well, I turn 50 in seven weeks, and I've decided that it's time to put on my own oxygen mask. For my first 25 years, I did all the appropriate growing up things: grade school, high school, college, first job, marriage. The second 25 were all about family: four kids, church, Scouts, sports, music, carpools, cleaning, cooking and organizing, with a little professional teaching thrown in here and there. Now I'm looking at the half century mark. I am not needed for my kids the way I used to be. The oldest one just graduated college and is heading to China for a year, #2 just finished her sophomore year in college, #3 just got his driver's license, and my baby is 13.
    So here's the plan. Starting this weekend, Memorial Day 2014, I want to have 52 weeks of me.
    General Guidelines --NOT set in Stone
    1. Encompass SPIRITUAL, MENTAL, and PHYSICAL realms
    2. Cannot cost more than $100 a week
    3. Be done by myself
    4. Do not repeat

    I already know of two weeks that will bend the rules. My best friend and I will be heading to the Precious Moments museum in southern Missouri sometime this summer, and two friends and I will be going on our church's Women's retreat in late August.
    I've been thinking about this whole idea already for a couple of months, and I'm looking forward to it. There are a few material things on my list (I've always wanted a red and white checkered cloth tablecloth), but I have realized that what I really want is time for myself, to do the things I've always wanted to do -- those things that I know are good for me that have been pushed to the wayside. A tyranny of the urgent dilemma. I also do not want these weeks to turn into a "Check items off of my TO DO list." Organizing and doing deep spring cleaning do have their places, but that is not the focus of this project. I really do want this next year to be 52 Weeks about Me.

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    Since Memorial Day is coming up this weekend, I've decided that it's a good time to start my 52 Weeks. Memorial Day is the official start of summer, and it's also right at the start of a new month. And because of my teaching schedule and my Masters classes, I am usually finishing up my week still on Sundays. So Monday really actually is the first day of my week.

    Somewhere in one of the recent success stories the comment was made to do what you can, and then just a little more. So with that thought in mind, for the first week's project, I'm looking for some kind of stretching program. At the moment, I'm too out of shape to jump in with the whole program, so all I want is the warm-up part. A few years ago, I had a set of DVDs put out by a professional dancer. The 5-10 minute warm up was amazing! Good thing I'm starting this idea 5 days early, because I'll have to spend some time in the basement searching for those DVDs.

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    I am ready for tomorrow! I was able to find my DVDs (in the second place I looked even!) and I watched the warm-up section so I know how much time to allot for it: 13 minutes for the actual stretching, so I'm figuring 20. I know myself too well to just leave it at 13.

    Since my teaching year is almost wrapped up, my workload has dropped considerably. So I had some free time last week for a bike ride on Katy Trail. I put in 6 1/2 miles in about 50 minutes. Pretty slow, I know, but I made it from the trail head to the bridge and back again. As soon as I started out, I knew it was going to be an ordeal. The wind was blowing against me, and it was cold. I think I spent the first three miles complaining to myself about everything. Once I turned around, things definitely got better, probably because I was heading back to the van.
    On the positive side, I really tried to look for a silver lining.
    The ear plugs kept the street noise out of my ears as well as the cold wind.
    I saw snails, frogs, and a turtle crossing the trail.
    I saw a group of bluebirds about five feet from me, and a male cardinal also crossed my path.
    Everyone on the trail says "Hello," or at least gives you a nod.
    I wasn't sore the next day.

    All in all, not a bad ride!

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    I've made it to the halfway point of my first week, and I have been able to put down a check mark for each day. One aspect I like about my goal is it's not limited to a specific time of day. I know that there are many who say, with good reason, to stretch right away when you first wake up. And on a normal day, I agree. However, I live in the real world. And on some days, even taking 20 minutes to stretch out first thing, "aint gonna happen." Ever have a morning where your feet are already running BEFORE you get out of bed? Right now, I'm hoping for few mornings like that, since it's summer vacation for both me and my kids. But even so, a phone call is all it takes to derail my best intentions!

    Monday and Thursday were mornings; Tuesday was right before bed; and on Wednesday, I split it up into smaller increments during the day. Whichever way it happened to be, they all worked.

    And I have re-discovered the "Snowball Effect." I'm a Flybaby from way back. One of Flylady's truisms is "If you will just clean your sink, the rest of the counter will soon follow." So I've done four days of stretching which has snowballed into two bike rides on Katy Trail (7 and 8 miles), one evening walk (2 miles), two days food monitoring recorded on Fit Day, and better eating habits in general.

    As we all say in hindsight, "I should have started this a long time ago!"

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    WEEK 1 -- 15-20 Minutes of basic stretching
    Monday -- Yes
    Tuesday -- Yes
    Wednesday -- Yes
    Thursday -- Yes
    Friday -- Yes
    Saturday -- Yes
    Sunday -- Yes

    I made my goal for the whole week!! I could tell that I was horribly out of shape and un-limber, because after Monday, I was stiff and sore for the next two days. But by Thursday, things were basically back to normal. One other positive, I'm not nearly as stiff getting out of bed in the morning. Now I'm not ready to LEAP out of bed, but I'm not hobbling to the bathroom anymore either.
    I have also learned to give myself some free wiggle room. Some days I stretched in the morning, others in the evening, and still others broken up throughout the day. I can see advantages to all three options. Mornings get the blood pumping, throughout the day makes sure that I get it all in, and before bed is a nice stretch after an evening walk. All in all, a good week.
    It's not on my official goal list, maybe one week it will be, but I'm also tracking my weight. Last Monday I was 197. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning and see if a little discipline in one area will actually bleed into another.

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    52 WEEKS OF ME
    WEEK 2

    This week I want to do some reading. I'm currently working on my Masters degree in education through an online university. So for the past two years, I have not had the time to pick up a personal choice book. As excited as I am about the Masters, I really do miss my murder mysteries. And unfortunately, since I still have two and a half classes to go (Can't wait until December 20th!), it's still not the time for Agatha Christie novels. So, I need something short. It can be meaty, but it has to be short. With too many time commitments, I have also neglected my Bible. Therefore, my goal for WEEK 2 is a chapter of Proverbs every day.

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    I haven't written lately, but I have continued with my weekly challenges. And equally important, I have also kept up on the ones that could be.

    So for Week 2, I completed my Proverbs reading for every day of the week.

    I also continued my stretching idea from Week 1. And I'm actually feeling pretty well. In the past when I've seen my chiropractor, she says that my neck and shoulders are ridiculously tight. However, I don't feel it; I think I'm relaxed. To which her comment is, "That's your normal. You never relax." And unfortunately, it's not going to change drastically for the next six months. I'm in summer now, so my teaching load is on vacation, but my Masters classes are still going on. Just two more to go! For the family, Alex is driving, so more on his own, but Erin will still be needing me and the car on a daily basis for two more years. I often feel that as busy as my teaching days are from 8-3, the hours afterwards from 3-8 are just as hectic!

    Anyway, this last time I was at the chiro, she was actually impressed that I was not as tight as usual. It's a good incentive to keep it up on a daily basis!

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    WEEK 1 -- Still stretching!
    WEEK 2 -- Proverbs chapter every day

    So I'm up to WEEK 3. For this week, I bought myself something for my classes. I teach Enrichment Spanish at a local grade school, PK4-8th. Over the course of the week, I see about 350 kids from 10 different grades, 2-6 sessions of each, so my paper pile can easily become a nightmare. I was at Office Depot and discovered binder clips in a variety of colors. So I bought A LOT of them, and I have assigned one color to each grade. I have also labeled four in each color, so that gives me two for the current week and two for any ideas I have for the next week.

    PK4 - Brown
    K - Red
    1st - Orange
    2nd - Yellow
    3rd - Blue
    4th - Purple
    5th - Pink
    6th - Grey
    Explore I - Lt Green
    Explore II -- Dk Green

    Now, if you are not a teacher, this may seem like an odd choice, but if you are, you understand completely. Something as simple as controlling the paper will make my life infinitely more calm come August 25. And with the extras, I'll have the correct colors to corral my papers into their correct class, even when I don't have the time to file them.

    Cost -- $30

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