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Thread: Looking at the brain

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    Looking at the brain

    Not something newly available, but i only just stumbled across it.

    Number 3 in the Stanton Lectures from the University of Cambridge in 2011 -- "Looking at the brain":

    Video & Audio: Lecture 3: Looking at the brain - Metadata

    It's worthwhile listening as raising some important doubts about some of the rather unscrupulously hasty thinking in "Neurophilosophy" and "Evolutionary Psychology" -- which can be found, among other places, in this movement.

    The lecturer also gives some interesting reasons for doubting that a casual invoking of quantum mechanics has any bearing on what we mean by human freedom, which, he suggests, is rather linked to notions of responsibility than indeterminism. Again this is possibly of interest here, vague gestures in the direction of quantum mechanics being not unknown in certain quarters within the movement.
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