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Thread: setting a personal schedule

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    setting a personal schedule

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    As a new member on here I am a little confused and unsure how to incorporate a very health primal lifestyle into my daily schedule. Being self-employed I have a flexible start and end time for work but still need to put in 8 hours in the field of manual labor, 1-2 hours of office work and still deal with customers. I would love to start a 4 day a week gym routine but always end up choosing between sleep and working out, mostly getting up at 4:00 AM which leaves me tired, cranky and only able to last about two weeks before giving up. If any one can give some advice or personal experience that would be wonderful.

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    ok you're doing plenty of manual labour so you hardly need to hit the gym for any cardio.
    And resistance training takes no time at all, once every few weeks

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    What kind of manual labor are you doing?
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    I work long hours as well, and travel all over the place. I try to do three days a week of heavy lifting when I'm at home, or three days a week of convict conditioning when away.

    When my schedule gets to crazy, I start to drop down to twice a week or even to once a week. I take the sleep over the workout every time.

    My job involves manual labor as well, but I supervise and don't do nearly what I used to. I have been focusing on being more hands-on at work for the workout but also I enjoy the job more when I am doing physical work.
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