Anyone else follow gentle/attached parenting methods around here?
Need a bit of guidance about how to deal with my 5 year old who has just started school.
I only have half the picture right now, as he seems to struggle with explaining what has been happening without adding things he has heard from TV in there. And the teacher is hopeless at explaining everything. I have just written a huge list of things that I have gotten out of my son, that I want clarification on.
OK so I know we have been guilty of way to much tv, which was cut down to 30 mins each night since school started a week ago. Sadly his show of choice was The Simpsons, and yes I know now, bad parenting right there, he is learning so much garbage off it, so that will def stop.

We try to talk through everything, we don't use punishments or rewards. But we do have boundaries, and he knows them. But hitting is one thing we are having a problem with. Hitting his brother when he does something to make him angry. We do talk about how you need to express anger with words, and we model that, we don't hit our children. We empathise with him about his frustration, and clarify what it is he needs. The teacher has told me several times over the week he has hit other children and he has been cautioned about keeping hands to himself. He says he doesn't hit though, so its hard. He has no reason to lie. But I need to know from the teacher has this been witnessed or is she being told from another child. He is telling me its the same kid always hitting him. We have not had a problem with lying, or hitting other children (besides his brother), so I am trying my best to work out what we need to do to help him. I guess again the TV is the big problem here.
I know children do not just "act up" for the sake of it. Its generally because some need is not being met, or they are tired, or hungry etc. Now as for hunger I make sure that my son has plenty of primal foods for his lunch/recess, which he nearly always leaves some, as I really do give him a lot. As for sleep, this age they need around 12 hours right? We are working on that, but he has been going to bed around 7.30 each night, but since its summer here, its still quite light, so its been a struggle. So that could be something to do with it. He has completed one full week of school, so I know every thing is all new for him. He does love school though.