I'm just getting started with the Primal Blueprint and I'm finding the snack thing a bit difficult. Generally I've always kept boxes of some kind of bar around for quick snacks at my desk or when I don't have time to prepare anything but obviously they're not the best in terms of primal eating habits!

I am spending more time preparing Primal friendly foods for myself which is fine and I'm actually quite enjoying it. I've found loads of great recipes for all sorts of meals and snacks on this site and lots of others. But all these take time to get together and I do sometimes need something as an on the go snack that doesn't require lots of preparation.

I live in the UK where Primal is most definitely not out there in any big way yet. All the shops are still hooked on low fat, grain filled, sugary (or worse - artificial sweetener filled) foods.

So, my question is: can anyone recommend some easy to get hold of, not too expensive off the shelf Primal Snacks that I can just buy somewhere to keep for the times when I haven't prepared anything in advance?