So I have been off and on primal for a long while now and when I am not deployed I have a relatively easy time following it. However, I have recently been deployed with the USMC to Okinawa, Japan and I am forced to eat at the chow hall; NOT known for health menu options. Generally meals consist of about 2/3 carbs and split the last
3rd between a less than desirable form of meat and overcooked nasty vegetables. In addition, they put desert coolers in three different locations and serve ice cream everynight if you want it, its like a highschool stoners dream come true, so I am doing this forum in order to try to keep myself honest. At home, I limit my access to junk food - meaning it does not exist in my house - but here I don't have that option. I am hoping that knowing I will post how I work out and what I eat everyday will help to keep me motivated and honest and stick to this lifestyle change. Before I post what I did today I am going to list what my physical goals are by the end of the year:

1 - Weigh 165 pounds by the second cycle of the PFA season; around October.
2 - Max out push ups and crunches (84 push ups in 2 minutes, 101 crunches in 2 minutes) by October
3 - Run a 10:30 1.5 miles by October
4 - Reduce my overall body composition to below 15 percent by USMC standards
5 - Quit all grain except for end of week beer that will count in my %20
6 - Quit all dairy
7 - Quit starchy carbs including tubers until body composition and weight goals are met
8 - I would also like to participate in the Spartan Race on Oahu in August if it gets scheduled.

SO, today I ate the followin;

B: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cheese and ham and one medium banana
S: Small handful or raw almonds, small portion of beef jerky
L: Salad: Okinawan spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, cucumber with white vinegar. Meat: Two slices of roast pork, veggie: simmered cabbage with onions
D: 1.5 scoops of Syntha 6 weigh protein, two naval oranges and a small handful of almonds

I ordered egg protein to get rid of the whey, I also orders an egg cooker so I can hard boil my own eggs to have healthy protein/fat on hand and easily transportable. I will also be trying to phase out most my fruit intake for the time being to increase fat loss. I also drink black coffee throughout the day.

15 Diamond pushups
15 shoulder with pushups
15 wide arm pushups
15 Spider walk push ups
15 Dive bombers
15 Plyo push ups
7 sec down/up push ups
-burn out push ups at the end
*Repeated twice total with an end goal of being able to repeat EIGHT times. Reference; Bar Brothers | Be The Best You Can Be

In addition to the bodyweight calisthenics I will be doing I am also walking nearly two miles a day since I do not have a car here. I also plan on incorporating power lifting (Squats, deadlifts, bench press and military press) to my day to day routing twice a week.

Tomorrow morning I will post what my starting weight / military bodyfat level is. Keep in mind the military system is off by generally 4 percent in either direction. I will also look up the scores from my last PT test to use as a starting point for progress. I am eading Marks new book "The Primal Connection" and hoping I can apply some of the concepts to my generally hectic life. Thank you!