Hi everyone

Been reading MDA for about a year now, this is my first post because I'm finally at a stage in my life where I feel ready to implement changes and go Primal yes!

My question today is: when you've got a big night planned (lots of vodka tonics to come), how do you line your stomach if you're not eating bread/pasta? And what do you eat when you get home?

I find it fairly easy to stick to Primal during the week, especially breakfast and lunches (been eating eggs and big ass salads for years), despite the huge amount of snack food in the office (advertising - they like to 'treat' you - that's a post for another day). But when the weekend comes, I find I always want a big bowl of tuna pesto pasta to prepare me for a night of dancing. I eat gluten free pasta most of the time (and only really eat pasta in these circumstances anyway), but I still feel I should be eating something a bit more Primal. I'm just not sure if anything absorbs alcohol as well as toast etc.

Now I know there will be people who just want to reply 'don't drink' etc etc but I'd really value your actual suggestions because, let's face it, I love going out and that's not going to stop.