I posted last week about losing weight too slow just due to pure impatience really. I did go to dr to get blood tests mainly for thyroid. He checked my sugar levels due to being so over weight and because my dad has diabetes.
I hadn't had anything for 6 hours and what I'd had was a bp coffee and the level was over 9 (shoul be up to 7)

I had the blood tests he ordered the following morning fasted.

Insulin was 150 m/U/L (normal fasting is 0-10 mU/L)
Glucose was 7.7 mmol/L (3 - 5.4 mmol/L)
Thyroid tests were all in normal range.
He says I have diabetes and wants me on metformin .

It's only been about 3 months of 100% primal after 12 years of various diets/bingeing. He seems to agree the damage was done from all the years of eating that way.
He also suggested I keep eating low carb primal.

But I am not sure about taking metformin.

Would you?
Is it likely after while longer eating primarily it will rectify without drugs?
I only lost 4 kg in jan. plus I've always lost weight slowly no matter the method