How long does it take for your body to become primal? How long does it take to be healthy, or to be cured? There's never an answer to these questions and it's different for everyone, but there must be a minimum for a healthy, young person.

So: my daughter-in-law loves her two Welsh Terriers (Marley and Rudy) very much. Marley got a skin rash all over his body and was taken to the vet who prescribed pills. This went on for several months and several pills while Marley's skin got redder and more swollen and more itchy, until it was bright red and Marley was tearing at it with his teeth, making it raw and bleeding. A groomer recommened Holistic Vet, to whom Marley was taken.

Amazing. The Holistic Vet. put Marley on PB, but with raw meat and fish and our same vegies. This dog food comes freeze-dried and pre-packaged by some other company. They also have raw liver treats. After only 3 days Marley's skin can be seen to be a little better.

The answer to our questions for Marley is 6 months to be completely cured and well. Marley is very small. How long do you suppose it would take an adult human?