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Thread: Is cheese on your Primal plate?

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    Yes, I eat cheese, but I try to include it with recipes only.

    If I start snacking on raw cheese then I tend to overeat.
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    It is and it isn't.

    DS has any dairy he wants. He usually gets raw yogurt and organic cheddar cheese. DH and I consume butter, but everything else is "special occasion."

    At our winter celebration (in June), we get some fancy cheese and eat it. We love good cheese. And then we have gelato every now and again (more in summer -- so now -- than the rest of the year).

    Otherwise, we only use butter regularly (daily, really), but all other dairy is off the menu. DH is working through some gut issues, and I'm a bit lactose intolerant. Besides that, it's ridiculously expensive here in NZ. And by that I mean insanely expensive for cheese.

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    I went dairy-free for a short while to test for intolerance. Apart from homogenized milk, everything else was fine. I'd suggest doing the same for at least a week, just in case.

    If you're tolerant: Just make sure your cheese lists a maximum of three ingredients: milk, maybe salt, maybe live bacteria/fungus. If it lists none at all there's a good chance it's 100% milk. Most orange-coloured ones are dyed, so skip them. Avoid "American cheese", "cheese product" or "cheese slices", as they're more processed forms of dairy.
    Also bear in mind that many cheeses are kept in ways to speed up the formation of curds and general solidification, meaning a factory can make a 6 month cheese in 3 months. These processes may or may not leave residue on the cheese, as they vary from warmer rooms to chemical additives.

    Basically: if the ingredients list says "Milk.", go ahead and eat some.
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    I love cheese! My main ones are brie, cheddar, emmenthaler and mozarella.
    When I buy one, I usually eat it quite fast, but then it'll usually be a while before I buy again.

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    I love cheese. The only cheese in my house is Kerrygold. I get it by the block at Costco and it keeps quite well. Because I'm trying to shed a few pounds, I measure it out an ounce or two and stick to that. I like it in a salad for my protein.

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    Cheese is wonderful. I use a couple of tablespoons of grated parmesan to liven up some dishes. I also like goat cheese and lox wrapped in nori. To curb my tendencies to eat it in large quantities, I try to stick with small portions of pricier cheeses.

    So, yes, it's on my plate.
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    I fear I have a problem with cheese, I buy organic string cheese for my kid's lunches and end up eating half of it myself. :x We may have to have a cheese-free month soon, once the organic raw milk sharp cheddar I stockpiled from Aldi runs out...

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    I eat real cheeses (artisanal, mostly raw milk cheeses). But in very small quantities.

    I also eat yogurt I make myself from whole organic milk I source locally.

    I eat sour cream (creme fraiche, really) made from local organic cream and buttermilk, and use a dab of it here and there.

    I don't drink milk.


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    Every time I eat cheese, I get sucked into the cheese-chocolate-coffee vortex that I have to painfully force myself out of. I give up on it

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    We eat cheese, mostly raw artisan, only strong flavored no mild stuff for us. I don't usually snack on it but will use it in a dish. I did the whole30 w/o dairy and didn't seem to notice any difference. We also make our own sour cream which is divine.

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