I am absolutely not viewing this new way of eating as a 'diet', though sometimes I use the word diet to refer to the things I eat consistently, I don't intend to go back to 'normal eating' because this is my new normal eating.

What isn't normal is eating half a family sized bag of doritos with cheese dip, half a carton of ice cream, half a box of assorted chocolates and half a pizza. That, my friends, is a binge.

I fully believe kicking sugar and grains is going to give me the ability to beat these binges but I also believe I'm going to have to be grain and sugar free for at least 30 days before I can break that cycle so that sugar will no longer have that hold over me.

So, I fell off the wagon for about two days but I'm back! I baked my first whole chicken ever! I pussied out and couldn't eat the liver. I wanted to give it a shot but I was proud of myself for even buying a whole chicken in the first place. I coated it with olive oil and it turned out just great. I also have some soup that is more veggies than broth that I'd excited to eat over the next week, which also has some chicken in it.

I'm setting a goal to be basically 100% primal for 30 days while I tackle this cycle of eating well and then binging.

Does anyone here have BED? How have you use the primal blueprint to finally gain control?