Hi, I have been using Steve's Original Paleokits for a while. it is super difficult to find enough meat on campus. Grass fed jerky makes it easy for me to have easy quick meals after I workout and I also enjoy the fact that it is shelf-stable and long lasting.

The issue is that I don't like spending so much money on jerky. If I could, i would make my own. Sadly, I don't have the time or the resources to start such an endeavor.

I have found some other sites that have jerky. I looked at US Wellness, Primalpacs, Grassfedjerkychews.com, and various others. I am not sure which are more affordable over all, while still being good. I kind of was disappointed that US. Wellness only ships packages that are $75 dollars and I would rather not spend that much just to try them

When it comes to jerky, I prefer it to be grass-fed, gluten free, low carb, no added sugars and also readily available. That was my second concern with US Wellness because I don't know how much I would like having to freeze and thaw this jerky. I may be misguided but the work seems too tedious for my snack on the go.

I just want to know where I can order the best price of jerky. I love the Paleokits, but it has gotten to expensive.