Hi all,

Have been following the forum and recently started on the paleo journey and really wanted to thank you all so much for the contributions provided. What a great source of information and it all just makes sense to me....

I have lost some weight (albeit harder lately) and most of all feel much better then I did pre paleo days. I have a couple of questions;

1. I track my food intake using cron-o-meter and it says that my daily omega 3 intake is between 15-25 grams per day (mostly from oils like udo, eggs, hemp hearts, savi seeds, nut butters, etc). A lot of ALA sources, with a fish thrown into the mix every day or two.
Is this too much omega 3 ? And if yes, what should my ideal daily range be?
I was looking for more fats and proteins, so the above mentioned foods served me well.
My omega 6 is usually 20-30 grams per day.
IF either/both are too high, any other suggestions on fatty foods with/without protein that dont have omega 3 ??

2. I have cut most grains but still eat some quinoa daily. I know it is not recommended, I soak it overnight and cook it in my meat stock broth. It doesn't seem to bother my stomach right now per say, but I suffer from ulcerative colitis, and just came out of a pretty bad flare up. Based on that, would you recommend I ditch it altogether ? I know the SCD/GAPS diets I was looking at earlier were also very adamant on cutting out ALL grains...

3. I seem to have extreme hunger cravings, especially in the afternoon and evenings. sometimes ravenous. No idea why or where they come from. Would it be best to stay under 100 carbs for now ?

Sorry for all the questions, its all new to me, so exciting
Thanks so much and have a great day