Hi all!

I have struggled with food in many different ways for quite some time. I am going to give you some background and let you know where I stand. As I stated in my title of this post, I really think I need some guidance.

About 5 years ago, I was very much eating a large SAD diet. I had a miscarriage and decided that I needed to really get healthy. I read a book called the raw food detox diet and began eating a diet of tons of fruits, tons of vegetables, small amounts of dairy, and a cooked meal at night that included good meat, still some grains like Cous Cous and quinoa. I ate tons of good fats like avocado and olive oils. I had dark chocolate and natural sugars like honey and agave. I felt amazing, truly amazing and satisfied. I was lean and felt very healthy.

I got pregnant and my hormones went insane....literally. I could no longer stomachs fruits and veggies. All I could eat and all I wanted was the bad carbs...bread,bagels,soda, cookies. I gained 60 lbs and felt awful!! This happened and then happened again with my second child. 18 months ago I had my second baby and ever since, my hormones are so messed up. Not to mention all of the body fat that has accumulated.

6 months ago, I had it! I had read the primal blueprint but couldn't stop the sugar....I was so very addicted to sugar. I was a huge night eater, even in the middle of the night. So I read the book " it starts with food" and decided to do a whole30. 30 days of very strict paleo/primal eating, to re-set my body, hormones etc. after the whole30, I continued to eat primarily. I had dropped about 15 lbs and felt pretty good. Over the holidays, I had a few sweets, some non primal meals but nothing crazy.

On the first of the year, I began a whole100 ( very strict paleo) with a group of women. I wanted to cut out the every night dark chocolate and really try to trim the body fat and get strong. I also stopped smoking which for me was a big step. This was 40 days ago. I felt like I have been going crazy over the past 2 weeks. Thinking about food constantly, my hormones feel completely out of whack and I feel like my body is missing something. Needless to say...I indulged in some chocolate and pizza after obsessing for like 2 weeks. I have gained weight over the past 40 days, not lost any of the body fat and feel very discouraged. I know that primal living is a life change, and that's what I am looking for. I would be lying though if I said that loosing the body fat and gaining strength weren't real important to me.

I am all in to living this way. I want to be healthy, happy and in great shape. I am very confused on where I am going wrong. I have been the same weight with the same amount of body fat since November. I just started going to the gym 3 weeks ago. I am very confused on what's should be doing there. I have been on the elliptical for 30 min and lifting weights for 30 min 3X a week.

I did cut out nut butters 2 weeks ago when all of these crazy cravings began. I just know that this is the first time that since I began living this way back in sept,I have felt this overwhelming urge to eat sugar and just eat food in general. All I want to do is eat. I stopped the whole100 this weekend and have given my mind and body a break. I have every intention on eating Contunuing to eat primal. I just really need some help as to why this is happening to me.

If anyone can help me on where I'm going wrong or what I need to change...I would greatly appreciate it. I am so used to loving living this way of life And feeling good. Something is wrong or missing and I can't figure it out.

Thank you and I look forward to being a part of this community!