My partner suffers from hypertension and lately we have been tackling it head-on, we have got some beetroot extract, Niacin and raw garlic and she has been eating really well. The doctor gave her a blood pressure monitor and it's still really high despite these changes. She is fasting most of the day and then eating "nearly paleo" at night with just a bit of rice. She is also pretty active.

Her typical blood pressure is 138/110 which is not cool. It's been about a week and there is no change, she occasionally feels dizzy from it. All the doctor done was give her an ACE inhibitor and that doesn't seem to help (I am trying to get her off the medication by tackling it with diet and supps).

Any ideas? She is in the process of losing weight very very quickly because of this new diet and intermittent fasting. I was wondering if the very rapid (but safe) weight loss is causing her blood pressure to stay sky-high? I couldn't see anything about this link on google, but I am at a loss!

Please help, she means the world to me