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Thread: Sugar/Brain Fog Protocol

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    Sugar/Brain Fog Protocol

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    Does anyone have a tried and true "day after" protocol for the occasional wine/too much sugar indulgence? I find a good workout helps tremendously, but I am wondering what if any supplements or vitamins people use that help minimize the resulting carb brain fog?

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    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

    Just kidding. (You know I like to tease you.) Yes, these things happen. For me, I've never found that taking anything helps, but perhaps someone who does will chime in. Personally, I will oftentimes simply choose to fast that day.

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    Start drinking water rather than wine for the last hour of the night?
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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