HI everyone
I hope someone could help.

I have been paleo for a few months and most of the expected benefits are there, feeling more energy, etc etc but the one thing I am finding which is really spoiling the whole paleo thing is that I get an ache in an area about 1-2 inches below my sternum, i guess almost 1/2 way between sternum and belly button about 2 hours after eating. This ache is not a severe pain but it is very annoying.

If I eat something it usually goes, if I dont it usually stays for another hour or more then ends up going.

It appears that concentrated protein makes it worse, so if for instance I have something like chicken and butternut squash with ghee for breakfast I get it 2 hours later, if I just have butternut squash with ghee it doesn't happen.

I think the area in question might be the small intestine, possibly inflamed or irritated a bit, as it does not happen when I eat, but hours after.

I have tried hcl supplements, they seem to make it worse. Digestive enzyme caps dont seem to make a difference.

I don't know whether to eat small meals every 2 hours or so to stop the area being empty? after my evening meal I never get the feeling and its not there through the night as far as I know.

I hope I can sort this out somehow as obviously paleo is the way to go for better health.