Um, seriously, I need guidance. Tomorrow is day 10. I cannot get to even 1000 calories per day. Why? I'm not hungry. I wake up, not hungry- drink coffee. Get hungry between 10-11am. I eagerly eat. Always a salad. (can't get enough greens.) I usually put 2 big handfuls on mixed greens, (typically spinach, kale, chard, lettuce) tomatoes, sunflower seeds and a serving of meat. 4-6oz. First few days, I ate a normal amount. Even started the day with eggs and bacon. But the last 5 days I can't even finish this salad. Get about half way through and I'm full. Don't get hungry again until around 7-8 pm. I usually just cook some meat.

I don't know what's going on here. Never in my life have I never been able to eat enough, but this is just freaking me out.

My fit pal says I should be eating around 2000 calories for my weight/height ratio. And that's to lose 2lbs per week. All I can say is.... what. the. hell.

Oh, today I got desperate and did a melted coconut oil shot. Um. No. Not the taste, but it hit my stomach like a rock.