About 2.5 weeks ago I went to the gym and hit it harder than usual, including some jogging on the treadmill. I almost NEVER jog/run on the treadmill but that day I did and my NB Minimus shoes weren't a good idea for that, as I've got a bad stride/heel strike and before I knew it my right heel was hurting some. I kept with it and about 7 minutes into the jog the pain was worse so I stopped.

2 weeks later and the heel still hurt, with no real improvement. Went to a foot/ankle specialist and got x-rayed and he diagnosed me with achilles tendonitis. He said I need to stretch before exercise (especially the calf), and ice the achilles after.

The last few days it's been much improved. I play in a men's over 35yoa turf soccer league and was able to play this past Thursday. I have no match for the next 2 weeks so I'm going to stick to just weightlifting and some light walking on the treadmill (it's too cold to walk outside) or perhaps exercise bike?

The doctor said that this thing will "take weeks" to heal, and even then it could get worse or come back at any time. He said the next step, if it gets worse, is to do physical therapy.

I didn't exercise/do much of anything for 2 weeks and it didn't get any better. Once I started actively/forcefully stretching it I saw some rapid improvement within a few days. But I would have hoped by now, almost 3 weeks later, that it would be fully healed yet it's not.

I'm 41yoa. Went low-carb primal about 2.5 years ago and dropped ~75lbs in a year and have pretty effortlessly maintained that loss while also building some lean muscle, mostly because I now truly enjoy working out (I typically don't over do-it though, believe me!) and being active now in my 40's, after being sedentary and obese since age 9. My attitude, starting yesterday, is to "play through" the achilles because doing nothing didn't help at all.

Anyone else deal with this? Any advice or experience with this that you can share is appreciated. When I asked the specialist (I happen to live less than a 1 minute drive from a world-renowned orthopedic/sports medicine specialist center) he just stressed to me to stretch well before, and ice after. So that's what I plan on doing.