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Thread: Getting started...

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    I'm in the same boat! Just started a couple weeks ago. Sweets have never been a big indulgence of mine, but since drastically lowering my carb intake and eliminating virtually all grains and starches, I've been getting craving for sweets like never before... today I caved and ate an almond danish at my parents' house... and I have to say, totally worth it. lol Hopefully, I'll get the munchies more in check in time. And I have been getting a bit of carb flu. Extreme soreness in my legs and back three days this week. I figure this will go away as my body adjusts to a lower average carb intake.

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    Yes, this is quite a change for me since my diet primarily used to consist of low-fat foods, fake sugars, heavy on the fruits/veggies but almost no meat. I'm trying though- bacon and egg cups for breakfast this morning in a muffin tin!

    Thanks to some of you for addressing running. I'm not marathon training right now and won't be until this summer but it's something I have already thought about and will probably revisit when it comes time.

    As for Stevia, I do have some at home...but almost think it might be better for me to cut out all sugars completely at first, and then maybe add them back in through Stevia in time if I feel I need to. I'm very much an abstainer- if I want to stay strong with something, it's often best for me to just cut it out completely rather than saying "I can have a bite" or a little bit!

    Quick question- what's the stance on greek yogurt and almond milk in Paleo?

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    Plain whole milk greek yogurt is fine if you can do dairy and it doesn't interfere with, say, weight loss. Almond milk is fine but keep in mind the carbs in it.
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