I couldn't find much info anywhere about trying to eat yeast and mold free so I'm hoping someone on this forum has some advice. I've tried to cut out as much as I can but I'm afraid I'm missing something. I had allergy testing years ago and was off the charts positive for mold (had a welt on my arm for two weeks from the skin test) and have always had trouble breathing around yeast (rising bread makes it really hard to breathe, wine makes me wheeze). The allergist never told me I needed to eliminate it from my diet, but it's helped so far. Trying to figure it out as I go since it doesn't seem to be a common allergy. I'm celiac so 100% gluten free with no cheating ever, but it's been hard to stay paleo and avoid all the yeast/mold foods while renovating the house. Any recipe or quick meal suggestions are welcome.

Foods to avoid:
Anything fermented (bread, beer, wine, kombucha, kefir, soy sauce)
Anything with yeast extract as an ingredient
Florastor (probiotic with yeast)
Dried fruits
Large amounts of sugar/carbs (natural or not)
Less than fresh produce