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Thread: Potato question - sweet vs white

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    Potato question - sweet vs white

    I'm in the middle (day 4) of the Primal Potato Diet. It's going very well and I'm losing weight. (I lost 8.2 lbs in 7 days last Oct., the first time I tried this diet) I've been reading that sweet potatoes can be interchanged with white potatoes without any problems. Looking up the nutrition of the two kinds of potatoes, I noticed that the sweet potato has less carbs than the white but more sugar. I'm almost at my goal weight, about 5 more lbs to lose and I don't want to mess up the success I'm enjoying by eating a sweet potato now and again instead of a white. After all, I plan to do this for just 7 days, like last time, and I'm not so overwhelmed with boredom or hunger that I would need to eat another kind of potato.
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