It's now 5 days with no Constipation and no signs of it; no gas, and no bloating. ALL my goals for PB have been accomplished. SUCCESS!

Here were my problems and the length of time to cure on PB:
1. Vomiting and the tendency or desire to vomit was gone in 2 days. (GERD)
2. The heavy gastric production of mucus which caused drooling in sleep was gone in 1 week
3. The IBS gas and water bloating was 90% gone in 2 weeks. (IBS)
4. At 3 weeks I began taking Milk of Magnesia every other day instead of every day.
5. At 4 weeks the ability to control urine outflow returned (I'd been afraid I'd have to wear diapers.)
6. After 5 weeks my completely dead bowel began working again. Peristalsis returned.
7. At 6 weeks I began taking Vits. D3 and C (mainly to prevent hair loss) and Magnesium Citrate (800 mg) to soften my stools.
8. At 7 weeks I bought Mark's Damage Control Package (vitamins and minerals). I'd already been taking prebiotics and probiotics, etc.

At 8 weeks I stopped all dairy except butter.
One and a half weeks ago I upped the Mg to 1600 mg, 3 days ago I dropped to 1200 mg.

At almost 3 months, no gas, no bloating, and NO constipation. For those who want a laugh, I now carefully inspect my poop visually, and compare with the chart. Even with internal hemroids, mine are perfect. He He He!

What took so long on the constipation was the Green tea. Many people had been talking about how great it was, and it turned out that I prefered the taste of it to water, so I drank about 60 oz a day. Now Tea may not be a diuretic at 1 - 2 cups / day (about 7 fl. oz) but at 60 fl. oz it ranks with the world's greated diuretics, and that's bad for constipation. So, no more Tea for me. 1 cup of coffee in the morning only.

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Next week I'll have the final test of Phase 1 PB - Cholesterol tests. Pray for me please. (I've decided not to carb load.)

For the last 6 years my doctors and their Cholesterol Clinic have been on me like glue, which resulted in creating all sorts of additional health problems. Six years ago, before they started, my Total Cholesterol was 535 and they went into panic mode. My most recent test, before PB, my TC was 253 and that was after taking 2000 mg Niacin / day for 3 years. Now Niacin can combat all the Cholesterol I eat, but none of the Cholesterol that my body produces. I ditched the Niacin before I started PB. This will be a pure test of my PB status, and I'm a little scared.

Maybe scared, but a truly life long converted PBer.