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Thread: Flexibility - very inflexible

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone recommends a good flexibility routine to do on a daily basis. I've got very poor flexibility and I think it's one of the things I need to work on to get to full health.

    Anyone know of a basic yoga routine or something?



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    I would suggest Tom Kurz' work. You can find it here:

    Start with reading his column for a great introduction into flexibility.

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    i followed kurz' column for several years. he's got a lot of good material.

    i haven't tried any of it yet myself, but you might look into scott sonnon's bodyflow and prasara yoga material. seems have have great reviews and he's been around quite a while.

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    hello buddy i read your comment dear thanx for this information dear i learn alot of things from your comment i hope everyone likes your post dear thanx for this information god bless you


    Brock Lesner


    workout routines-workout routines

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    I would suggest yin yoga, holding simple mostly seated postures for longer periods of time, not at your max, which stretches muscle but the idea is to relax the muscles so that the tendons and ligaments and connective tissue can be stretched. in this case yang is the muscle and yin is the connective tissue. my fiance is a track sprinter (cyclist) and has been doing it for the last year and has had great benefits from it. postures are held for three mins minimum,a good place to start.

    cruise this site if youre interested, info on the theory of yin and postures. its very accessible and I shouldnt say this but can be done whilst watching a movie or tv programme to make most use of the time!

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    Hello wm,

    I would suggest you'd check some myofascial release therapy in addition to the stretching and yoga.

    This a very good (and free!) resource:

    Ideally, you want to get rid of trigger points (knots in tissue) before embarking on heavy stretching or long pose holding routines.

    I got multiple sclerosis plus other health issues and this has worked wonders.

    Another thing that may help your tissue quality is getting enough fish oil.

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    This Kurz guy is awesome. Great explanations and not as trying-to-take-your-money-at-every-turn-ish as Pavel

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    i second the notion of including self myofascial release. you can buy a foam roller for about $25. i was convinced i had knee issues that kept me from doing several excercises at crossfit including box jumps and cleans. i started using the foam roller for about 10 mins after every workout and my supposed knee issues seem to be gone and i don't feel any limitations on exercising. it just boiled down to working out some seriously bad/painful knots in the surrounding muscles. flexibility does seem improved too, esp in the quads and hammies.

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