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Thread: Any other women who put on muscle ridiculously easily?

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    Any other women who put on muscle ridiculously easily?

    It seems like my body LOVES carrying muscle. I don't mind it because of the health benefits (I'll take quads over a muffin top any day), but I'm curious whether anyone else has had the same experience.

    According to my body fat percentage (which could be off a bit because it was bioelectrical impedance analysis), I have lean mass of around 120-125. I'm 5'5". I don't use protein supplements or go out of my way to eat extra protein, though I usually have some kind of high-quality meat once per day. I only do the bodyweight exercises from PBF and stair sprints 1-2 times per week. I've lost over 25 pounds since going Primal, but my calf muscle measurement is higher! Knee boots are not in my future...

    I'm also curious about how hormone levels affect muscle for women. I had tests done a few years ago, and my testosterone was toward the top end of normal and DHEAS was slightly high (though not enough to be indicative of any problems). Everything else was normal. This was without any kind of hormonal contraception or medications.

    Also, just because I find it funny, having 0% bodyfat would still put my BMI at 21. Don't you just love BMI?

    Anyone with the same experience?

    Edit: I apologize if this seems self-congratulatory to any women who have the opposite problem. I often envy women who can be strong without having a bulkier appearance, and it is somewhat frustrating that my body seems to want to live at the end of the bell curve. I hope this doesn't seem condescending because it is not meant to be at all.
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