I was inspired by YogaBare's posts on going shampoo-less and skin ph and otherwise ridding my life of all crazy cosmetics and body/skin/hair care products that are just ridiculous. Thanks to their posts and the replies of many other users, I plan to go as long as I can without using any conventional body/skin/hair along with a totally primal/paleo diet to see for myself if my body can maintain itself like I think it can. And use apple cider vinegar for any hair washing and natural oils for my hair as well as my body when it does need to be cleaned.
After all, I find it really hard to believe that humans were these filthy nasty mongrels before soap and shampoo. There has to be a reason for all of our body oils. I don't think our oils are filth/dirt. I think that they are there much like they are there for many other species. To keep hair/fur and skin healthy and clean.

My last shower with some "hippie" soap and Aveeno shampoo and conditioner was 2 days ago. Today I plan to tear my town apart for some all natural oils such as jojoba and avocado and caster oil for facial cleansing.

I gladly welcome any comments, tips, advice, or links from anyone

I sure hope I don't stink too much in the next few weeks x_x