Hi Everyone
My name is Daniel and I am a Sport Science Undergraduate at Bournemouth University, UK.
I am currently doing my dissertation on barefoot and minimalist (BFM) running as it is a keen point of interest for me (I have been running barefoot and in Vibram FiveFingers for over two years). The title of my dissertation is:

An exploratory study into the world of barefoot and minimalist running

I am hoping that some of you will be willing to share with me your experiences of BFM running, which would help me achieve the overall aim of my research:

To explore the experiences of those who adopt barefoot and minimalist running

Below are a few questions which may facilitate responses:
What motivated you to take up BFM running?
How did you transition to BFM running?
Has BFM running influenced your performance?
Has BFM running influenced your injury rates?
What barriers have you experienced/ overcome (if any)?
Thank you,