Hi all,

I think one of the aspects of the primal lifestyle that I am struggling with (and have struggled with even before becoming primal) is trying to reduce my levels of stress.

I work within the charity sector and work with people who are often in a lot of distress. I run a counselling service which places a lot of demands on me emotionally (working with clients), physically (dashing around from one meeting to the next) and mentally (having to switch 'heads' as I am the only paid staff member so I have be all things to the service at the moment, like doing administration, training volunteers, attending networking events).

When the weekend comes I can begin to wind down and by Sunday I feel much better, but when I wake up on Monday morning I can already feel my whole body tensing up and preparing for the stress of the week ahead. I think this is taking more toll on me physically and mentally than I realise.

I don't want to quit my job (not yet anyway; I can't afford to financially and I am currently halfway through a course at university that will hopefully go on to work in the area I am really interested in).

So I wondered what others do to help keep their stress levels to a minimum (or at least manageable levels!)?