So, I've been doing so low level research, not like I'm gonna get a pHD or anything, just looking at crazy folks on the 'tinterweb.

I'm currently following the leptin reset protocol, though I am not 100% convinced by every aspect for the programme. Mainly the work-out timings are not fasted and at a silly time for me (late afternoon/early evening).

I've been following the advice not to work out at first, but it's driving my nuts and I'm not sure it's good for me, so I'm giving it one more week then I'm changing things up to a way that I think will work better for me.

I've always like working out first thing (maybe after a coffee). I'm also not convinced about the NEED to eat breakfast as soon as I get up, I'm not really all that hungry and I find I feel a bit sluggish for an hour or so after a big feed, I'd rather get on with stuff like housework and looking after the kids then eat later.

So I have come up with the following plan;

Fasting about 16 hours a day, starting eating about mid-day, and stopping after dinner, first meal heavy on the protien, I'll probably have some carbs as these meals will be moslty post work-out, absolutly no calories outside of meals. This will be 2 meals a day most days.

Working out 5 days a week doing a variety of stuff which I enjoy, which includes running and cycling as well as HIIT and LHT. I will do this before I eat my first meal of the day.

Rest days I will probably 24 hour fast - so I'll go till dinner time, or maybe not.

The thing I'm trying to sort out is pre-work out eating - most training guides recommend some kind of protien shake and BCAA.

So other than generally ripping apart what I am suggesting and telling me to eat potatoes , is the pre-work out protien really nessasary to maintan muscle mass or can I just go with-out, and if it is really benifical what can I have as a real food alternative. A smoothie with a spoon of coconut oil, coconut milk and an egg would probably work, but sounds bloody gross without some fruit in there for flavour.